About Richard

I have been drawing cartoons ever since I can remember. My first influences being the likes of The Beano and Dandy and like most kids my age, the Marvel comics.

As my tastes widened I began to produce my own self published comics , by this time I was reading everything from Tintin and Astrix to Gilbert Shelton, Robert Crumb and Art Spiegleman to name just a few.

The road to creating my cartoon histories started when I went to travel South East Asia. I had been running a cafe on Sark in the Channel Islands and had saved enough for an extensive trip abroad. To record my travels , instead of writing a diary I turned my experiences and the things I saw into detailed cartoons of each country I visited.

On returning to England I wanted to keep drawing in this style and thought it would be a nice idea to draw the history of my home town,  Southend-on-Sea. From there on in the rest really is history, I produced cartoons for my local towns such as Rochford, Leigh-on-sea, Rayleigh , Chelmsford etc , and then  I focused on the history of Southend United Football Club.

Drawing histories of towns was becoming too broad a subject especially as I would have to visit each town to photograph locations (we may have the internet but sometimes it just can't compete with actually being there).

I therefore decided to focus on football. I find each club's early history fascinating and I like to look for the quirky as well as the landmark historic events. My goal is to draw all the football clubs in the English football league. Wether this is achievable or not I'm going to give it my best. So if you can't find the club you're looking for at the moment, bear with me and they may appear on my list some time in the future. On average I produce about one team a month so progress isn't speedy by any means.

Thank you for taking the time to view my website, I hope you enjoy my work and that you find your team here. You can also visit my stall at Greenwich Market, I'm generally open every weekend.