Great Ormond Street (GOSH)

Great Ormond Street (GOSH)

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Why am I trying to raise a bit of money for Great Ormond Street?

I was born with a condition that threatened my life; the condition was hereditary and had proved fatal to my grandmother's son in his first year.. I was born when a new operation was being pioneered and I was treated at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hackney where my life was saved.

Sadly the hospital has closed down but was amalgamated with other children's hospitals, mainly Great Ormond Street. G.O.S.H is my chosen charity which I give what I can to but I'd like to try and raise just a little bit more by doing what I like to do best. Hence this cartoon history. It's available to buy here and all profits will go to G.O.S.H.

If you would like to donate straight to G.O.S.H please follow the link below that takes you to great Ormond Street charity site. Thank you.